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Holiday Greetings from Cthulhu Coffee

Somehow, yet another year has passed for the Human Race. We are now one year removed from the Y2K craze, and thankful for that.

Alas, the chaos continues with a different evil entity called the BushGore, a vile creation that has steeped America with a sickening, sinking feeling that things are just going to get worse.

Of course, there are also all the other usual ills of the holidays: bad weather, family tensions gone berserk, sappy Christmas movies.

Even the sacred holiday grouch, The Grinch, has been defiled this year, erasing Dr. Seuss and Boris Karloff in the heads of America's youth and replacing it with the antics of Warner Brothers.

So, the Great Plod to Ultimate Entropy continues, and it probably will for another year as the USA spreads a magnifying class over all the pregnant chads in Florida, as the Palestinians and the Israelis continue battle, and as EverQuest continues to suck the brains out of our most talented computer nerds. It's time for Cthulhu to wake up, emerge from the depths of the Pacific, and gobble it all up. He can even wash it down with coffee. Our treat.