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Where can I find Cthulhu Coffee?
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Why, right now! You can find them right here, finally! Try out our brand new web ordering system. We have buttons, mugs, and polo shirt for all you good little minions.

Cthulhu Coffee's next full-fledged physical outing (involving party room, products for sale, and all those infamous signs) will be at CONvergence 2002. If you happen to be in Minnesota around July 4th, make sure to wander into this fabulous convention and say howdy.

Oh, and you say you want one of those infamous signs from CONvergence 2000 or 2001? You can find them by visiting the Year 2000 slogans or the 2001 slogans pages. Several of the posters are available (for free!) in .pdf format, so go ahead and decorate your domicile with them. Hell, all we did was print them out on colorful 8.5"x11" paper and stuck them to the walls with masking tape, so feel free to do the same.

As for other items, we would like to know what sort of things you, as a consumer, would be interested in getting. This will help us plan for CONvergence 2001 by letting us know what sort of stuff we should have made. E-mail the web minion with your thoughts and ideas. Thanks!

Proceeds help defer costs of running this website and providing cool parties at Minneapolis conventions. Cthulhu Coffee is a nonprofit hobbyist organization.

In Brief

First update in two years! Unfortunately, the update says that this site will no longer be updated. Click here for more details.

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