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At the ICON art auction on October 19th, 2002, Melissa bid upon and won the chance to be painted by Mike Cole, Erin McKee, Beth Hansen, and John and Denise Garner. This particular tradition began with Melissa at ICON 2001

The photos below are in addition to the photos seen in the ICON 2002 convention report. The photos may take a short while to download. Click the images to see larger versions. All photos were taken by Christopher Jones.

This year, I gave them this request to begin with: "I want big leathery bat wings and scales. And eyes popping out of my skin!" Look below to see what happened.

Erin McKee makes the first mark.

Melissa enjoys a Blowpop while Erin works on her back. John is sitting in the background.

Denise begins work on the purple scales on Melissa's hands.

The wings begin to take form.

Erin begins working on Melissa's neck, while John and Mike work on her back, and Denise and Beth work on her hands.

Coloring begins on Melissa's back. Mike brought in one of those disposable sponge brushes from a hardware store and used it with thinned paint to get a very transparent look to the wings.

Suddenly, Denise comes in with a bag full of those little plastic googly eyes. Erin begins to paste them onto Melissa with spirit gum.

A good look at all the people at the event.

John begins work on a choker around Melissa's neck.

John working on the choker. You can see a googly eye found it's way onto Melissa's forehead.

Erin begins to put the finishing touches on the necklace of eyes.

Clockwise, from upper left corner: Erin McKee, Beth Hansen, Melissa Kaercher, John Garner, Mike Cole, and Denise Garner.

Eyes appear down Melissa's back.

John begins work on Melissa's face.

Denise, always the mischief-maker, sneaks in an inside joke on Melissa's back. The puffball characters are a reference to Don Hertzfeldt's short film, Rejected.

Beth and Denise put the finishing touches on Melissa's arms: more eyes!

A good look at the face paint.

Detail of the finished left arm.

John puts the finishing touches on Melissa's back.

Melissa gets silly and demonstrates what grape Blowpops will do to your mouth.

Detail of the finished wings.

Melissa's Red Dragon moment.

The finished product.

Front: Denise Garner

Middle: Erin McKee and Mike Cole

Back: Beth Hansen, Melissa Kaercher, and John Garner

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