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I'm sure you are just aching for information of what we are up to. Well, this is the place where the humble web minion spills her guts on what is new and hopefully exciting on and off the website.

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09132004: Not... dead... yet... (Just resting.)

You may be saying to yourself, "Hey, what's the deal?"  Yes, the site has been rather dead for about a year now.  Around August of 2003, Real Life hit rather viciously, which meant that volunteer endeavors, such as the Cthulhu Coffee web site, had to take a break.  I've been looking at its sad, dead husk for a long while now, just as you dedicated folks have been.

So, now I hear you say, "Will it rise from the dead?"  To which, the answer is, "Hell yes, it will."  We're not sure when, but I do fully intend to breathe new life into the site sometime before the end of the year.  And it won't be the same old site, either.  Great things are afoot!  I'm intending to re-design the whole bloody site.  Gone will be the hard-to-read red-on-black text, the irksome dead external links, and some of the dopier jokes in the Features section!  Soon, this site will boast of a new, easier-to-use design and a bigger, better online store!  All those missing convention reports from 2003 and 2004 will finally get posted!  Movie reviews will start popping up again!  And maybe, just maybe, you'll start seeing new Lovecraft story research.

Sadly, it's going to be a while before you see these sparkling new things.  We humbly apologize for all the e-mails that have been fired off into the ether and left with no response.  We beg forgiveness from our devoted, now-bored readers.  We hope to win back your dark and insane respect when we finally upload the new site.

For now, go check out our embryonic new store, and the long-awaited Loscon 2002 report!

See you soon,

Humble Web Minion

In Brief

First update in two years! Unfortunately, the update says that this site will no longer be updated. Click here for more details.

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