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I'm sure you are just aching for information of what we are up to. Well, this is the place where the humble web minion spills her guts on what is new and hopefully exciting on and off the website.

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112406: Yes, I'm afraid that will be all for this site.

In fact, we're lucky that you can view this archived version of the site. The proverbial straw that broke the came's back was the fact that our dear web space provider folded. The site went down for a couple weeks before I could find another free host for the site. In that time, I sat down and realized that, for the foreseeable future, I will never happen upon the time necessary to bring this site back to its former glory with frequent updates and general mayhem. Indeed, in the two years since Thanksgiving 2004, I haven't touched the site once, despite full intentions to do so.

Thus, I figured it would be best to do one last clean-up, and then upload a version of the site that could simply stand alone without updates. Gone are maintenance items (such as the Links, the Cafe, and, sadly, the Convention Calendar). I also nixed some of the lamer jokes that expired over four years ago, as well as various broken bits.

I hope you still enjoy the myriad reviews, tools, and japes that still remain. If you need to contact me or anyone else in the crew, feel free to drop a line at

May your coffee always be dark,

Humble Web Minion

In Brief

First update in two years! Unfortunately, the update says that this site will no longer be updated. Click here for more details.

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