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Most of the Cthulhu Coffee minions are rabid movie fans. We would like to think that we know a little something about watching films, so we decided to unleash our opinions on you, the discerning web surfer. Enjoy!

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Newest Reviews:

11012007: The Fury, by Don

11012007: Cronos, by Don

11012007: Gozu, by Don

Reviews by Title:

The Abominable Dr. Phibes, by Melissa
Alice, by Don
Assault on Precinct 13, by Melissa
Audition, by Don

The Baby, by Don
The Black Cat, by Melissa
Blade II, by Don
The Blob, by Melissa
Blood Moon, by Don
Brotherhood of the Wolf, by Melissa

Castle Freak, by Melissa
Chasing Sleep, by Don
Christine, by Melissa
Crash, by Melissa
Cronos, by Don

Dagon, by Don
Dagon, by Melissa
DarkWolf, by Don
Dead Ringers, by Melissa
The Dead Zone, by Melissa

eXistenZ, by Melissa
Exorcist 3, by Melissa

The Fellowship of the Ring (Theatrical cut), by Melissa
The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended cut), by Melissa
The Fly, by Melissa
The Fog, by Don
Frailty, by Don
Freaks, by Melissa
Freddy Vs. Jason, by Don
The Fury, by Don

Ghosts of Mars, by Melissa
The Gore Gore Girls, by Don
Gozu, by Don

Halloween, by Melissa
Heavenly Creatures, by Melissa
House by the Cemetery, by Don
House of 1000 Corpses, by Melissa

The Item, by Don

Jason X, by Don
Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter, by Don

Lady in a Cage, by Melissa
Lost in La Mancha, by Melissa

May, by Melissa

Near Dark, by Don
Neverwhere, by Don
Night Warning, by Melissa
Nightbreed, by Melissa

One Hour Photo, by Don

The Phantom of the Opera, by Don
Pirates of the Caribbean, by Melissa

Rabid, by Melissa
Red Dragon, by Melissa
Resident Evil, by Don
Return of the Living Dead, by Melissa
The Ring, by Don
Ringu, by Don

Scanners, by Melissa
Session 9, by Melissa
Se7en, by Melissa
Shivers, by Melissa
Signs, by Melissa
Sleepless, by Don
Spider, by Melissa
Star Trek: Nemesis, by Melissa

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, by Melissa
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake), by Don
Theater of Blood, by Melissa
The Two Towers (Theatrical Cut) by Melissa

Ultraviolet, by Melissa
Underworld, by Don
The Unspeakable, by Don

Versus, by Melissa
Videodrome, by Melissa

Waxwork, by Melissa
Waxwork II, by Melissa
Wendigo, by Don
WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3, by Don
The Wicker Man, by Melissa

Zombie Holocaust, by Melissa

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