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Cth'HarveyTed and I were wandering through a toy store in Duluth, MN, when we discovered what was apparently a little stuffed octopus in one of the bins. Unable to resist, I brought him home, and he soon took up several jobs around the house. For the last several years, he has sat on top of the Christmas tree (in lieu of a star or angel), made sure my fireplace was secure from whatever it needed securing from, and looked after my fish tanks. Imagine my surprise when he began writing as a celebrity interviewer...

Many thanks to Dan, who translated these transcripts from the original Octopodish.

11062001 Cth'Harvey Introduces Himself

11192001 Cth'Harvey Meets Jimmy Hoffa

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11192001: Cth'Harvey meets Jimmy Hoffa.

11062001: Cth'Harvey introduces himself

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