The Sordid Tale of Cthulhu Coffee
The Sordid Tale of Cthulhu Coffee
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Like most nefarious plans, Cthulhu Coffee was hatched in an unexpected place: in a car en route to Utah from Minneapolis, somewhere in the barren wastelands of Eastern Colorado. The sheer cyclopean horror of the baked earth and abundant tumbleweeds was a ripe breeding ground for such an idea.

The catch-phrase was kicked around for many months before a set of slogans began to emerge, but when they began, they followed one another in rapid succession as the minions of Cthulhu Coffee ate dinner at inspiring restaurants (see: Gardens of Salonica, which is not at all evil, but a great eatery). Soon, a solid list of slogans and ads emerged.

Once that was done, several hundred signs and buttons were produced and presented during the opening year of CONvergence, a science-fiction convention held over the 4th of July weekend in Minneapolis. In the flurry of excitement over the new convention, no actual coffee was produced, but the signs and buttons struck a chord in H. P. Lovecraft fans.

In July 2000, Cthulhu Coffee claimed a first floor, poolside cabana at the Radisson St. Paul for the second CONvergence, where the Cthulhu Coffee team served up another 100 posters, some 250 cups of coffee, 100 buttons, 30 coffee mugs, five boxes of Pop Tarts, a showing of Re-Animator, various treats, ample mischief, and the smooth sounds of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Click here to read the entire exciting tale of CONvergence 2000 from the Cthulhu Coffee room.

The following year, Cthulhu Coffee made a repeat appearance at CONvergence 3, to the approbation of many people. Click here to read the 2001 adventures of Cthulhu Coffee.

Thus, much like the Pump Monkey Project of Minicon, Cthulhu Coffee exists as a continuing exercise in creativity and brainstorming, rather than a producer of java. It also strives to spread interest in the works of H. P. Lovecraft and the long list of authors, filmmakers, and artists that have continued his work in the history of the American horror tale.

Herbert West queries what is in Cthulhu Coffee. (Image from Bride of Re-Animator)

Slogan Lists
2003 More slogans and posters than you can shake a stick at, and believe me, we tried!

2002 200 more slogans and posters for your nefarious plans!

2001 All the latest slogans and full-color posters.

2000 All Y2K slogans, plus .pdf files of the posters.

1999 The first year of Cthulhu Coffee slogans.

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